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Jeans, jeans—–
Stitch this flannel. Tape this corduroy
or use staples with mesh. Try Elmer’s.
Try band-aids. Now as a desperate rococo
we have become so cleaved.

Also, there’s an easiness near undoing,
a Tom & Jerry clock with springs unwound.
Boing, boing—-
Here comes the grafts of loose parts.
Here now approaches the Frankenstein quilt
whose every hanging string is a guitar to be plucked,
is the harp from Jack’s stalk.

Come Mother-May-I make a tapestry of this fable,
crazy with the details, embroidering such & such?

– Stephen Mead

editors note:

Cloaked in fable, our fables are a cloak. Patch ’em. Pacem. – mh clay

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