I Want to Be in Rooms Full of People I Love

by on November 11, 2023 :: 0 comments

after Alex Dimitrov’s “The Why”

The weather changes of its own accord.
We worry about the record heat
but go dancing anyway.
My friend says, “When did I see you last?
Has it really been two months?”
Yet, the love linking us
does not care about time.
An old poem keeps coming back to me–
one I never shared with you–
in which I turn on the stairs to see a beau
standing in his doorway,
and I can feel the electricity between us.
Friends. Lovers. I want to fill these rooms
with everyone I hold close,
their beautiful voices chatting away.
Can I tell you about this really great hug?
It was a few months ago. After dinner,
my friend and I walked along the park
on a muggy April night,
but he pulled me in close.
It felt like we were suspended in the spring air,
rising up and up
while my head rested on his shoulder,
all the trees and apartment buildings
just specks beneath our feet.
He asked, “Too tight?”
and all I could say was, “No, no,”
as our arms made
perfect circles around each other,
keeping us safe
for as long as we stayed there.

editors note:

Yes! Here’s to your room full. – mh clay

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