Live dreaming

by October 20, 2023 0 comments

Nocturnal indigo light when my eyelids flutter wide shut from the shameful disdain in the art of being

What does it mean?
the butcher’s bride does not discriminate in the sharpening of knives at the plum diggity witching hour
midnight can be your sunrise
twilight is just another high noon showdown
a pearl necklace on the beach
attacked by waves

Ramen noodles boiling inside an interrogation room
the microwave a slow descent into fever dreamed heavenly inferno where legends never to be have been specifically born to die

John the Baptist, now there’s a man whose head would look great on a platter
the stardust kid sputters
placing pennies over the cracks of sidewalks in a substandard effort to prevent the further breaking of mothers’ backs
All-Fathers in crisis bleeding liquid time
Awakened- dreaming like jazz

Blessed like a roman emperor
in the moonscape lit paint
cloaked in snakes
pseudo genetics scrapes on a nail
the wizard of cats
at mercury speed

editors note:

Here’s exactly where you can ram your REM. – mh clay

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