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I may not agree with what you have to say but I will die…I will die…I will die…I will die and eventually so will you, and then, the whole of existence will cool, and silence will spread like shadows at dusk. All of that kinetic energy from both your words and mine, movement, heat and light, will hop from particle to particle becoming bombs and baby’s breath, and beating butterfly wings felt like Krakatoa oceans away. Before our bodies expelled the words, before our minds composed the lines, they existed as flesh and grass and the brilliance of a star burning since long before Sumerians carved language into clay, burning before primate mouths could shape intelligible sounds, and now, here and today, solar radiance is dulled down to epithets at a red light traded between frustrated strangers just trying to make it home before the heat death of the universe.

– Jonathan S Baker

editors note:

Mad last words before last light. – mh clay

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