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An extra sheet is the long silky nighty
Pulled up from unfitted length,
A cover for naked arms,
Moments like these, a light touch,
Hides cold without unleashing heat, that is,
One thunderous warning of a coming flash

Wind courts the window’s pain –
Surfing poetry within,
Same inside outside;
Pane wanting breeze, hating breeze,
the mind unmade as the bed,
Open up and/or close it down

There’s a bear a half-bed over –
Dens with a sheet, blanket, quilt
Barely alive, at most unaware
Of Smashing-Waves Of
Sea-Wet Mermaid at sea,
Until grizzly heat is wanted

If I should die before I wake,
thank you

editors note:

A bedtime prayer for maid or bear. – mh clay

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