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In the delivery pang
To become a mother
Eager I see a mother, who!
Hasn’t been a mother yet!
Dreaming myriads of

Tall, small
Different types
Need to be immixed here.
When one landslide happens,
Another gets compressed.
Yes it is dark today!
Light is necessary.

Like the need of a lamp,
In the dark, to give light then.
You need to burn oh! Mother earth,
And we need to receive
The light.

And that impatient wait
Of those sleepless mountains,
You need to listen a little.
Anxious is the offspring
To come out and to breathe
The air of Consciousness.
And to see the world.

Once again!
The world would be bright.
Being metamorphosed,
Bearing the energy of
Ultimate brightness.

That is the magma!
To break the rock ready
I am watching in the womb
Restless ringworms:
The volcano.

editors note:

Magma, Mama, man-oh-man, ringworms we, awaiting the birth of earth. – mh clay

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