Should I?

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Discounted and derelict I lay
In pieces.
What could be so wrong with me?
What could be my mortal flaw
That upon a glimpse of future
A shining silver string in an ocean of darkened stormy clouds
That you would take your tongue, sharpened and carnal,
And slice at it blindly, contemptuously?

Is there such a reason to live
Without company of another?
For if I lay again, cold, naked, broken in the dark of a soundless night
The old friend I call my heart will surely burst.

And what if it my eternal fall is never braced?
What if my name is never uttered on any loving lips?
Should the earth stop spinning?
Will the waves cease to froth and crash?
A cage of construct restricts me, binds me to the thought that I am
Unwhole, without, desperate.

Why when I look in the mirror do I hate the reflection crying out before me, begging for savior,
For an oasis on this hauntingly dark and depraved ocean, a life boat of sanity?
I look to him, his crooked grin, his folded forehead, the tears that connect from freckle to freckle.
Pull and stretch at the imperfections, fingers slipping over salty skin.
I never liked him anyways.

– Theodore “Mac” Browne

editors note:

Perhaps, you should! If it doesn’t start there, it won’t start anywhere. – mh clay

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