Questions 4 doctor

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Danced with a man found in the white pages
He ran out of my mind not enough digits
To add up, when he dialed, to realize he did not fit there

Broken arms, hurried legs
with a truthful grin
Open to sin, bought some old-style gin
Spent it down my throat caught a taste of the good life
That was not mine

Asked the doctor if he could check my mind at the same time
Around five, he sneezed at my thoughts, told me to walk it off
With some tea and swallow three of these when I do not know
Where to go or how it begins and to remember the end is always near if
You see the light in the night

Asked the doctor if I could borrow his pad
He said no, he had to keep it to rewrite his past mistakes
I told him I was his present and this was how the whole system
Misplaces me with my mental woes if that sounds right
Grabbed my gin and left without my mind
Went to the front desk and rescheduled for another time
To discuss the end of where things begin
And how I keep losing my mind

– Uzomah Ugwu

editors note:

No good answers 4 you. – mh clay

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