Hometown Anthem

by August 10, 2023 0 comments

melting dragon
on his gray mat
under the crying sun
gravity leaves the universe once more
wailing despair for the angel to fulfill God’s promise
any sign
on their glowing screens
we yearn for them
to return from the fields of rectangle grasses
filleted angle curbs
round out the king’s tongue
without hostility
but for the contemptible dragon
mamushi and hornets
black, silver and copper
next come wolves
howling at the golden moon
and the panther goes down
through the hole in geography
to the house of the dragon
sailboat in styx
into the rotating magnet
into the fabric of time
another dusty patch
another sleeping dragon
another lamb
another hopeful laugh
under the crying son
a lantern lights the path
calling them home for dinner
gravity comes in waves

editors note:

We would wave back, attempt to resist the pull. – mh clay

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