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Equip the shadow with originality formed tight
Equip the mirror with that sparkling stamp of recognition
Equip the dream with forecastable farsight
Equip the rest with dynamic ignition.

Equip the learned with that sense of trim proportion
Equip the rash-and-reckless brash with hindsight
Equip the worldly-wise with tiny hints of catchphrase caution
Equip the melancholy with shaped measures of delight.

Equip the soil with shades discreet of latitude
Equip airy wind with dimensions of weighty pointed thought
Equip fire with that firm stationary tranquillity of quietude
Equip moving water with prized wisdom highly sought.

Equip the one-side tilted with a sense of keen straight balance
That they may all contain their occasional odd excesses,
Learn to get into harness and exert themselves
Working their way to a string of successes.

editors note:

If so equipped, success is certain. – mh clay

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