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The heavy pounding, the brutal thrashing,
The wild strength from the bowels of the earth,
The blackened clouds that swirl and laugh,
The hell that dwells inside Mother Nature,
The restlessness that dwells inside her groin,
The rage that festers in her other self,
The secret devil that plans its escape,
The child that breaks away and romps about,
His acts of demolition that grind the shores,
His playing with the ships and tossing them about,
His laughing as they smash against the rocks,
As he gazes at the twisted steel in the air
And smiles through his satanic lips as
Pleasure settles in the spirit like
The aftermath of the orgies at Sodom,
The triumph of the hungry beast
Over the innocent children
That tasted the shame of love
Before the godliness of it;
All this that lives inside the
Bestial body of Mother Nature
As she plots her revenge upon the
Calm of the glassy waters.

Mother Nature,
You are lovely
As you are treacherous,
Kind as you are evil,
Holy as you are satanic,
But yet a segment of
The divine plan of life
With that secret child
You unleash into the wild.

editors note:

And we think we can tame this wild? (Robert has a new collection out, Mother of Life. Congratulations, Robert! You can get your copy here.) – mh clay

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