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Whenever we ask why
filthy raisins pronounce their outcry,
miming musicality with a lungful of wings
competitive drone, murmuring haze

the twitchy heads, the rubbing feet
coffee corn clamor in our chewing jaws,
stammered by a sea salt crunch
gritty flakes of dried deli ham

they deflect us with peripheral sight
evasion from the swatter
the cause for social disaster…

but look how our focus is shaken
by one or more of these black beads
how our sense of urgency is heightened
by their amplified presence
while discerning how to kill it,
we lose our current fears
if only for a short time,
we learn to let go.

When thoughts begin to thicken
flies simply arrive on time.

– Jada Yee

editors note:

A roundabout request for good repellent, or a case for not leaving the garbage out too long? – mh clay

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