Don’t Adjust Your Television Set

by August 17, 2023 0 comments

The trouble with illusions
Is that they can look so real.
All that gold that is not gold.
All that beauty that is pure ugliness.

I sit here in an oasis in the desert
Holding a daiquiri filled glass
While sipping sand from a straw.

I wait for the cavalry to arrive,
Just in the nick of time,
So the captain can hand me
A billion dollar winning
Lottery ticket.

I will cash it in tomorrow
And change my life for the good.
No more ogres on my chaise lounge.
No more pebbles in my pockets.

I will no longer need to close my eyes
To find all I have been looking for.
I will be able to look straight ahead
Into the face

Of a smiling blue locomotive
Tooting along towards me.
It might bring me to another paradise
If I can only manage to stay on track.

editors note:

All aboard! (Congrats to Joseph on the release of his new collection, Yellow Brick Pilgrim. Get your copy here. – mh clay

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