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Finally, the sales agent
In sky blue shirt
Handed over to me the key
After I signed the cheque
And completed the full payment
They took a group photo
With our new member
My son was holding the giant key
My wife smiling as usual
And the priest broke the coconut
On the floor and sprinkled the holy water
Over the shining crimson body

I pushed the
Ignition key and turned it right side
My son clapped in joy
As he felt the machine in motion
And we took the highway
The closed windows
Barred the outside air
I looked at my son
Once more
His eyes were glowing
Just as my eyes had glowed
The day when I sat astride
On the back carrier
Of my father’s bicycle
On the day
He bought it second hand.

– Soumik Kumar De

editors note:

Our legacy; different wheels, same pride of ownership. – mh clay

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