Versailles, Mon Amour

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Padded hips,
white powdered cheeks,
fake moles on their waxy skin,
lively lice under thick wigs –
this is Versailles and all its tricks
where ladies straddle the bidet
far from the lords’ languid glances.

They lie in wait for some princess
while Lady Love and Lady Death
are getting ready for the dance
and for some macabre embrace.
Whales lured and killed for tight corsets,
plump perky breasts
peep from their dresses,
as toothless mouths
at times food-filled
make a tableau vivant grotesque.

Deftly concealed behind their fans
they wink at earls, husbands of others:
lovers and friends for benefit;
it’s called bon ton in high society.

And the ball may now begin
as Le Roi faces his queen.
But there is a duke distressed
for not finding a marquise
since she flew away in dance
with an earl and a duchess,
yet, the Hall of Mirrors swarms
with grand dames waiting their turn.

He must choose one from who remains
before his wife returns by chance;
or, a faux pas it would be, and then
all Versailles would laugh at them.

– Mihaela Melnic

editors note:

Consider this dating scene, we who swipe right. – mh clay

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