The Worst

by on July 1, 2023 :: 0 comments

Of all the things we have to live with
betrayal is the worst
unrequited love
requited love that ends up
badly because
you’re a jerk
are nothing
poverty bankruptcy foreclosure
I heard are not that bad
but I wouldn’t know
what I do know is that
on that train from Nuevo Laredo
to Monterrey
I promised them I’d watch their seats
while they took a leak
and a Mexican took them
climbing in through the window
with the other cowboys
at a place called Catorce
where there was a rodeo or something
me sitting there dumb with my lame español
and when the ladies came back
they looked at me
with a distrust
stronger than ANFO-p primed
with stick powder
like I was Judas
for letting a smelly Mexican sit there
and that is nothing
compared to what I did to you
and one more thing
I know
Is that you’ll be waiting
Itching to get even
one last thing I know
is I can’t find Catorce anywhere
on the map
I think it’s gone now

editors note:

All gone but the regret. – mh clay

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