Our Friend’s Daughter

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Adolescents are children. I’m not like one of
these commentators who say the young
man barged into the Springfield
Target with an AK-47 and started shooting,
when talking about a 17-year-old child,
and where did he get the assault rifle?

But I am a war veteran. I know a mother
in Uvalde, Texas. The Springfield Target
could just as well be the El Paso Walmart.
Could just as well be a church, a school,
a post office. Gun Crazy is a good movie.
To see it, you’d have to rent or buy it.

But this wasn’t a movie, just a memory.
A dinner outdoors with friends in Taos. Bob,
an airline pilot from Florida, AK-47 owner
because, besides flying, he’s also in law
enforcement, says he asked a lawyer friend,
also an AK-47 owner, Would you give up

your AK-47 if it meant bringing our friend’s
daughter back? She died in the Stoneman
Douglas High School shooting. If giving up
your weapon meant bringing her back
to life, would you do it? No, it wouldn’t end
there, with the assault rifle, soon, they’d be

taking all our guns. The lawyer may just as
well have said the shootings wouldn’t end.
Yes, the criminals find a way. I understand.
But what about fewer guns, fewer killings?
When I came back from Vietnam people
asked, Did you kill anyone? Gun crazy USA.

editors note:

Crazy, yes; and NOT in a good way. – mh clay

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