Matthew’s Akita

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Matthew’s Akita snarled wide-eyed
After tracking border crossing sights.
Strong, long canine teeth locked as a
Necessary deterrent. Paws compelled
Unwanted bits even as a soldier sat
Atop rubble and watched.

Soldier’s new baby crawls on cement.
That child’s ma funds scholars, bakes
Challah, kindles candles, warms dill-
Laced chicken broth, amidst potato
Kugel trays packed to feed hungry
Yeshiva bucharim.

Rabbi Rosenberg guards hilltops. He
Counts grenades, stones, rocket shells.
At night, he sings Tehillim, bristles at
Heaven for answers. Yet, his outpost
Loses men, women, children, homes,

On the sidewalk of a busy street, the
Rav’s uniformed children scamper. No
Fence staves off the delight the youth
Realize when freed from studies. Still,
It’s their dad’s explanation of Talmud
That fuels them.

editors note:

The view from one side of a war-worn wall. – mh clay

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