A legal writer considers: how long is a piece of poetry

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Addressing how long a piece of poetry is,
is tantamount to considering that age-old conundrum
of how long is a piece of string, notwithstanding, if,
in addressing the question pertaining to the length
of any given poem,
you used the aforementioned piece of string
for your determination,
you may not necessarily succeed
in the particular task of establishing the length of a poem,
for string is no measure of poetry,
but in doing so, you may
happily stumble upon the solution
to the heretofore unresolved issue pursuant
to the length of a piece of string, for,
in utilising a piece of string
to measure the length of a poem it must follow that you will have
established its length
in relation to the poem subject to your determination
and can therefore state categorically
that the length of the piece of string in question
is equivalent to the length of the poem
subject to your original enquiry.

editors note:

Strung out on legalese. Hard to kick at any length. – mh clay

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