Working On Me Pentacles

by June 30, 2023 1 comment

She made a huge ‘Mistake’
thinking Candle Magic
would Extinguish
the Burn of… Separation
the Past to the Present.
[Forcefully] Breaking
down [Emotionally] ‘Closed Doors’…
is the same as Killing
a Songbird to hear Music
… there’s Nowt
the other side but… Decay.
I do not ‘Regret’
… I Learn quickly and…
Narrow my Boat Forward
… much better Equipped.
Apologies do not Assuage,
or Fix a thing… that
is what ‘Goodbyes’ are for.

editors note:

When broken is best left behind. – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    Terrific title! I picked up a few words I didn’t know and I like the use of capitalization. Also, I hope you’ve found a new almost-perfect.

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