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I have journeyed through rough seas
Past rocky islands that threatened to ship wreck me.
Through the place where
The Sirens thrashed my naked ears
With their gaping and tortuous voices
That razor a naked heart,
To this place
Where I least expected to find you.

Such is the nature of Aphrodite,
For She loves to heal with mirth.
Before I was aware
You were bringing
My heart back to its homeland.

When I first noticed
How you seemed to glow,
I realized that this
Movement of love and desire
That passed between us
Had drawn me to you.
We reached out to each other
Sang a silent lament
And formed a circle
With the dew from our bodies.
I knew then that
Something secret and precious
Moved between us
Surrendering our hearts.

With my heart pressed against yours
My lips against yours
I drew nourishment from you;
You from me.
Alone apart
We remain together.
We remain apart
Joined heart to heart.

editors note:

A god’s affair of the heart, together apart from the start. – mh clay

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