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You said nothing, but listened
I, perhaps, see imperfections mirrored
from your silence
like water droplets that fill in spaces
and well there may be a nugget of truth
and there are the laugh-at-myself moments
of sound, wishful sanity

history after hours slows
until not much is happening –
it is a strange woman who determines
her place readily
but women prefer to make the determination
for they are necessary for the dance

I am at the garden’s edge –
rounder from the winter
and have my own desires
don’t draw from authority, but I
prefer truth and not trick of media

therefore, I walk into conflict by
my own reality
spray words that don’t stick
hear my own strange voice in
someone else’s reality
but is my writing and I alit

editors note:

Alone, it’s no light thing to alit. – mh clay

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