Paper Whites

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It was not wholeness I sought,
stationing myself by the window,
where the stab of slanting ray of sun

contempts the body for what it is
and what it is willing to endure.
While inside, the paperwhites, as though they knew

the old necessities, bend over,
mourning the seeds of lust
that couldn’t burst into bloom upon the sudden

Weather-shift of my skin.
To pledge for common ground,
The fair surfaces, the sea finally arriving somewhere

To where it’s been building castles in the air for centuries
since the lovelorn gods have cried
its bluest waters were no longer what I look forward to.

Every night, I lay the same body that will never
Keep abreast with its desire’s bleeding length.
And watch the room blackened with guilt.

Thinking how many times I have killed
This woman inside me, to flee from danger.
In this country that never bothered to sing back.

– Jayrold Artist

editors note:

In the throes of singing a lone song. – mh clay

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