Living In Austin Nude Apartments

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Being nude is a state of mind that aims for purity, I’d say.
You can be an orange flamingo standing against the omnipresent blue and green,
I told them.
You are better than any man carrying a rifle of assault.

People would come into my living room, some half-homeless sleeping in their cars, some street musicians, some overnight security guards, some police, and some lawyers—and they’d all be shocked catching the light off my cock.

Better laugh when you jump back, I’d tell them.

Then their clothes would start to feel itchy.

You’re like a snotty handkerchief, they’d say to me.
Too honest, they’d say.
Too vulnerable, they’d say.
Your skin is splotchy.
Don’t you dare think you’re a god.

I do feel a demigod, I replied.

Your groin squawks like a chicken chased around the yard, they’d say.
Time to chop your heads off, all you naked Kens, naked Barbies,
Living in this sassy sewer of nudity.
You are all too plastic when you’re naked.
You set our conformist hearts on fire, they’d say.

I was ugly wearing clothes, I came back.
My self-esteem was stuck down in a grease trap.
Sure I’m ugly, but naked I’m powerful, an ocean liner afire in the calm Pacific

Cover your eyes maybe? I told the doubters.
My love for this world
may be way too much for you to bear.

editors note:

Wear your love; clothes are optional. – mh clay

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