Wavering caprice and the restless wayfarer

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Windy afternoon
The rain
The waves.
Flipping layers
Wavering caprice
And a restless

By the sacred river
Preparing for a holy bath.
I can see the wind
In the rain.
That invisible rain in the air!
Giving us the life, the force!
And the energy.

The center!
The storehouse!
If we let it rattle!
Mice will nibble it.
Your grains will be damaged.
When, head of the engine
Is not sound
How could it?
Function it well!

See the fan is:
Full of dust
What happens…
When you operate a dusty fan!
I want to let you breathe open!
I want to let you feel the heaven!
The light! And the clarity.
It is a process
To be sound,
A method.

So, try to be
Transparent like a glass
Devoid of any class.
As simple as your best
I want to let you rest.
Hovering in the void
A bliss to taste.

And I tell him:
the dust of desire!
Before you clean
Your body,
You need to clean,
Your mind.

editors note:

It’s not what goes in, but what comes out… “Function it well!” – mh clay

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