Sunflowers in the Median

Nameless messenger, you come texting,
I stay to see what comes next in your script.
Forgive my name does not coincide
with Laura of your light’s query
youthful mirth, expendable income,
Free to hike tomorrow come morning.
Pulse inside my pocket, default ringtone,
Are you my sunflowers rushing past?
Fire in the corner of my eye?
You frigid dragon, peak hour traffic dream.
I sure would ditch my Kia Black Soul,
To the merriment of nameless banks
And I’d love you with my whole body,
My eyes stuck in the sky wetting the grass,
Your hapless vermin eating my flesh.
Can you be the stands selling peaches
By the roadside back to the city?
For my heart, doomed to never be mine?
Don’t sink back, please tell me the ending.
Every Laura is a memory.
Every messenger is terrifying.

editors note:

Wreck-less texting and driving. – mh clay

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