Beggars and Barking Dogs

by May 31, 2023 1 comment

An astonishing amount of pavement,
far too large to be discreet.
A collapse of order, a rupture.
The circumstances out of which sometimes
come almost no solution
for the tightly packed forever population.

Despoiled property displaying existence as dead air.
A confusing atmosphere wherein junior despots rave,
using exaggerated motions.

The adaptation of laws,
damning the achievements of the past,
no nostalgia prevails,
and greater time periods are wiped away.

About all that can be said about unused hearts
is that they press against the necessity for kinship,
for decency,
and are not vitally concerned with civil crises.

We need to learn not to deny
the existence of the curve that persists.
Must demand a return
to the reverence of prophets,
the conferring of salvation,
our searches for lost ships.

Reeling us back time and again,
to remain next to what
some think now lies dead.

editors note:

Through our rises and our falls, we seek that thing to define us all. – mh clay

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    I really like this one. As I lived in those times that I do believe ‘lies dead’, this poem hit me in the heart. Living in the present, but remembering the past.

    This is one of my favorite poems of yours


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