THEY MAKE A BEAUTIFUL SCENE (wherever it works)

by on April 8, 2023 :: 0 comments

The sun up in the sky is a beauty
Of heat and light and occasionally
I’ll turn the corner at the bottom
Of my road and see it brighten up
Even the cruelest of days when it
Shines hard down on the beach and
I suddenly realise, hell, this is just
So damn right.

The scene always takes my breath
Away when it hits that perfect mix
Of a beautiful near-empty beach
And that sun shining hard making
Everything seem as if i don’t live
In a town of no hope or any beauty
And on those ever so rare days i
Kid myself that I’ll stay here forevermore.

Just kill me now if that’s the case
Or remind me wherever it is i land
Next time around it’s got to be by
The sea as i’m sure such beauty can
Exist off any beach-front and with
A bit of luck one so very very far
Away from here so I can always
Make my life by the sea, hell
In face I’m sure any sea will do.

editors note:

For hope and beauty; any sea, indeed! – mh clay

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