The Art of Surfing

by on April 28, 2023 :: 2 comments

We are the wave and the board
And the invigorating water clock wading into shore
Cool as granite boots
Moon tide gravity oblongates mooring ropes on the monger’s indifferent vessel

Do you know the first rule of fishing?
I ask the untamed light
Walking over soothing board’s creak
smooth shafted anchors
Go where the fish are.

Near the long barrels
Past the riptide sandbar
wandering ray berm
Time reaps the hope of incautious optimism
And she paddles out to sea

We are the infinite sun and salty air
We are the solitude and the rhythm
Surface tension pulls itself into a molten mirror
Heaving with energy
a golden thread in the caustic mist

We are the seeker
Digging into this boundary between two worlds
A soft pong
Binaural beats

editors note:

Cowabunga! – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    When I love a poem, I read it over and over again to ensure that I have savored every image and have allowed time for all of it to seep into my pours. This is such a poem. My favorite line is this: Surface tension pulls itself into a molten mirror. My favorite idea is “we are.” I will be thinking about “we are;” I wish everyone would.

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