I’m Right

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I saw your hand move
long before
It connected with my face.

I knew it was coming.
It was in your eyes
and your garbled growl
A warning
not to overstep my mark.

I should have stopped
Gone quietly
to my corner
taken some,
Time out!

But this was different.
I knew, I was right
and so I argued on.

The slap.
Like the crack
of a whip
made contact
with my skin

My head bounced
straining my neck.
With unfocused eyes
I stumbled back
as dizziness dragged
me to the floor.

There at your feet
The burning
imprint of your palm,
set my flesh on fire.

Cautiously I probe
check the extent
of the damage
You have done.

Towering over me
you sneer

“So now,
Who’s right or wrong?”

Through tears of fear
and bloodied lips
I whisper
“I’m right
You’re drunk…”

– Lynda Baker

editors note:

This should never be the price of right! – mh clay

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