CSI Looney Tunes

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I begin with a brown and white pointed seashell
murder weapon
Elmer Fudd detective enters the crime scene
bad-mama-jama is playing on the radio

Harry the CSI evidence collector won’t collect
Fudd frowns and grabs Harry’s hand
don’t be a don’t be be a do be
smear that blood onto a slide

Harry is spooning peanut-buster-parfait &
won’t put his spoon down
Elmer pulls Harry’s push-up-bra
Harry you’ll be a Harriet soon
the bra hooks thunder through
the twelve-foot by twenty-foot crime scene

Fudd pulls his four-inch gray beard
it’s rabbit hunting season
first a hare corpse
now Harry you’re a liar-liar
shut your mouth
divorced three times

there is someone
worth loving

editors note:

We’ll get you yet, Mistah Wabbit! – mh clay

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