Cold Light

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~after Mary Szybist

Creatures of the dark are naturally drawn to light.
Wolves to the full moon, moths to flames.
So was she drawn to him, the darkness
within seduced by his brilliance.
She’d hunted long, stalking the shadows
seeking satiation of hunger, and
satisfaction of a deep-seated thirst.
She found beauty there, the scent of home
and the hope of warmth, so she drew closer still.
How she longed to possess that light, to envelop it.
Drink it down and make it her own.
But once captured and wrapped tightly against her,
her teeth at his neck, too late she realizes…
it is cold light, luciferin.
And her mouth is flooded
with the bitter taste of deceit.

– Janice Mathis

editors note:

It’s tough to be luciferace intolerant. – mh clay

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