Blood and ink

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(Lady on a Wire#24)

We live in sin
on a turbulent sea of change
towards extinction
inkblot dreams
chronicle a schizophrenic love-song
where eastern promises dwindle to forgotten things
being knocked around in a series of westside calamities
pink folded fleshy center blooming like a desert flower
we throw our blood-infused ink on the refashioned skeletons of trees
crumpling the shells of what we were
what we allow others to perceive
lacking a port in the storm
love and sin on the floor
rorschach romance
loving sin on the floor
daybreak sunbursts
trickling lunar light
unbridled passion
it all goes down
in the dark
hands clasped
a sacred intimacy
pelvis bones grinding
in unison
life is metaphor
a choir lacking divinity
taking in the scent of lilac and wilderness concrete
ivory carved figures – will trace one another’s form with a single finger
basking within intermingled heat
the nightbird’s executioner’s song falls silent
but I don’t mind
if a stranger calls…

editors note:

A metaphor for god’s ennui. (This is one of Mike’s poems in his latest collaboration, RAZORVILLE, with Shannon Lynette and Paul Warren. Get your copy here). – mh clay

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