Adjudicating Uprightness

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In states of affairs exemplified by gender (re)interpretation,
By last century’s French Canadians’ linguistic quarrels and
The PLO/ Israeli conflict, incommensurability baffles.

Employing a system of adjudicating uprightness can lead to
Scaffolding communication’s stimuli, necessarily involving
Odd ducks of distinction and similarity.

Perpetuating double-bind messages while confusing cultural
Epistemology shows concrete jargons exposed conveyances;
Exclusivity’s ascription of worth is deadly.

Collusion remains poison as does doxing rhetors since many
Undergalvanized troupes attempt cogent discourse to poison
Status quo limits that bail up denizens.

Our politics unwaveringly vary—we are unlike, incongruous,
Fail to be referenced as “acceptable,” else become impulsive.
Thoughts can serve us as verbal hapkido.

Rather, we must illustrate metatheories, raise questions about
Standards, values, and virtues spent in communication, abide
Semantic’s new airt.

Raising questions about merit’s embodiment invites pondering
Over ideas’ substance, relative to their arrangement, given that
Both utility and parsimony live as persuasion’s helves.

Alternation requires resocialization; dismantling of pelf gangs,
Disintegrating of fierce ukases, equally of most empathy, plus
Altogether rejecting subjective reality’s nomic structures.

Neither antimetaboles nor coercion succeed when we derive “self”
Through scripts or demarcate via dreams, deliberate “revelations,”
Grand hopes, maybe also vfx displays.

editors note:

What does a new reality “look” like? (Break out your dictionaries for this one.) – mh clay

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