Too Old for a Dog

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They tried to talk him into a home
or a dog.
He was 12 presidents old and has renewed his license 14 times.
He’s just trying to make it to another renewal.
He says the only thing in his life
that has never changed is the DMV.
His wife’s license has now expired
but she does not need renewal.
That’s what has brought on the awkward talks and sliding
of brochures and pamphlets across the table
as if it was an offer. Or a negotiation.
His children are retired and stuck looking back,
his grandchildren are stuck looking forward to retirement,
his great-grandchildren are stuck looking for nothing,
and he is stuck looking at the end.
His only health problems are time and being widowed.
Everyone doubts he’ll make it to great-great
but some men are too stubborn to die
and teenagers make mistakes.
As far as death and retirement communities were concerned
he was past the bargaining stage
and had the finances for acceptance.
He wasn’t going to a home because he still had one
and he was always taught to finish his supper.
His Will would be active before his will would be broken.
So then it would be get a dog, a rescue
from the silence.
He had and loved dogs all his life.
Because he loved them he wouldn’t get one.
Because the dog would outlive him
and what would the dog do

– David Icenogle

editors note:

And then, choices narrow with time. – mh clay

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