The Alchemist’s Children

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File down the callus!

Said the alchemist’s daughter

Mix another monkey!

Laughed the alchemist’s son

Roll a frosty rolling pin

Across the table top

& crush the frozen seeds,

Now that the seed counting’s done


Two birds preparing

To pretend to be peaches,

Two ripe peaches dropping

To the dark rich earth

Their fine feathers fluid, their

Fine feathers fuzz,

Their pale green bellies glowing

From the radio song, &

Hollow bones aquiver

With the radio buzz!


Turn up the music!

Said the alchemist’s daughter

Turn it up more!

Laughed the alchemist’s son

10,000 moths swept into the volcano

20,000 wings afire like jade

The flames shot up with a deafening roar

Wind sliced through the canyon

Like a white hot blade


Everything’s glowing

Sighed the alchemist’s daughter

Everything’s gone

Laughed the alchemist’s son

editors note:

They didn’t learn this in a STEM program. – mh clay

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