Hippocampic Hiatus

by on February 24, 2023 :: 0 comments

Screams from beneath
a bed of rolling wrath,
while double-sided adrenaline
spews forth a sunset-spiked fury.

Hypnogogic mania
scored onto semi-conscious canvas.

Tectonic tempest projected on a gelatin screen.

White noise in hues of orange and brown
slide furious force over oil-stained empathy.

Amber bloom, carrot crunch, banana blend,
celery shard buried in julep swirl.

Lemon zest, swirling test.
Phosphenes the colour of anxiety.

A molecular maelstrom seeking the realm of a distant dream.

editors note:

There’s a lesson here to (un)learn if only we could remember… – mh clay

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