Lovers In the World of Fire

by January 11, 2023 0 comments

This world is a passionate place,
sky white-hot, clouds in flame,
ground the same color as sky.

Mountains keep lovers, the king
and queen, close. When they do hike,
they do not see desert flowers, small

cacti, sharp rocks, even the view
of the suburbs below.
They’d rather stay inside.

She’d rather trace his tattoos
on his back, the sleeve
on his brown arm.

They do not see the mountains.
They smash vases, shred designer clothing,
yearn to stay together.

Even if it means staying until
they turn to ash
like sky and ground

and the people who scramble
from tower to car to work
to stores below each day

and the people who die
without cool water, cool air
on sidewalks each night.

editors note:

To end in ash, that’s some fire. – mh clay

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