Birthday Boy

by January 7, 2023 1 comment

He’s 10 today.

He says, “I’m
Almost a

“Take your
I said.

He’s 10 today.

In 2 years, this
Lover of Hot Wheels
And Roblox will be
Seen to the world
As a menace.

His life will be in
The hands of society’s

When the arm of
Racism suffers
From withdrawals,

It could use him
For a taste. And
His death would
Be celebrated.

This is what I
Think about
As he blows out
His candles.

editors note:

May the only candles lit for these boys be on their cakes. – mh clay

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  1. Marie Higgins

    This is a very powerful poem. The line that really hit me was this one:
    When the arm of
    Racism suffers
    From withdrawals

    I am so sad that history keeps repeating itself in this way, and so many other stupid ways

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