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Best keep your mouth shut, boy.

There were flowers that smelled like
sweaty horses reaching their heads over
the corral fence next to the bicycle trail,
thick tongues licking lips looking for
fistfuls of long grasses, sugar cubes,
apples from the open hands of passersby
who think they are being kind.

Even if you can’t tell the truth, don’t lie.

A mosquito, drunk on the blood of an
old man who hasn’t yet finished drinking,
weaves through fetid air looking for further
opportunities to feed, for still water to lay
eggs, her short life easily fulfilled with
fresh blood, propagation, and flight,
while dodging the angry slap of fate.

Silence can be the kindest thing to say.

– M. J. Arcangelini

editors note:

It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool… – mh clay

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