Smells Like Old Guitar Strings

by on December 2, 2022 :: 1 comment

Make a funny face cuz you want to
Why is she hiding in shadow
Make a funny face cuz you can
Leaping from silence
The powers refuse to tell the Truth
All the faces in the mirror’s memory stare like mullet
Their intention is to divide us
Even from 10,000 light-years away
Your broken-hearted smile
Is a railroad bed
Full of train horn
Blasting at the starlight crossing
Eyes are hung up, gnawing
On shadow and light
You are the Angel
Talking inside into Existing
Littoral zone singing Emily Dickinson’s edge of infinity
Then Death is right up in my face
Licking clay from my spirit
Until a ringing bell of light
Is all I am

editors note:

How to lose weight on the Angel Express. – mh clay

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