one backstep ahead

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you can’t return this item, he told her.
“the dark girl who served me didn’t tell me that,” she said.
“’snot my fault you have stupid darkies working here, is it?”
she got her refund if only to get her to go away . . .

you can’t return this item, she told him.
“don’t tell me what I can and can’t do,” he said.
“I’ve had prettier girls than you do a lot more for me,
you stupid bitch. go get your manager, I wanna talk to him.”
she WAS the manager. but he got his refund if only to get him to go away . . .

you can’t return this item, I told them.
“sez who?” the guy asked.
it’s company policy, I shrugged.
“well I don’t see no one from head office here,” the girl said. “I only see YOU.”
“yeah,” the guy smiled. “and you’re gonna give me my money back
or I’ll have your blood and snot all over this counter.”
“yeah,” the girl smirked, “he will, you know,” as they lovingly embraced . . .
they got their refund if only to get them to . . .
well, you get the idea.

in conclusion?
should you wish to circumvent a store’s refund policy?
I’d strongly recommend being
racist, misogynist, threatening and just downright unpleasant.

better yet,
why not be all of these things at once
on Boxing Day?

that’s my advice, shoppers.
not that you need it.

editors note:

Perfect advice for the reversal of your Xmas Cheer! – mh lay

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