North Dakota

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Landlocked near Minot
December sets in with a grin
Ice on the edges of rivers and creeks
From concrete culvert drainage ditches
Winter marks its time in afternoon twilight
The end of all old testimony

Hospital shift work, a differential for nights
One AM lunch break blacktop parking lot
I hit my vape in my car with my heater on
Red and green navigation lights
Glow north across the windshield
8 miles or so, above
Trans-Siberian travelers and Korean air freighters soar
On polar routes, overnight, tonight

Aluminum flanked by red and green, it’s Christmas Eve, up there
Solstice afterglow above this prairie
Tundra cold, uncaring, and eternal
As they lay inside with cardiac emergencies
Cancer, flu, and motorcycle crashes
All their loved ones look to me
And to my lying caduceus for answers

They ask for ice chips and warm blankets
And I bring them, as IVAC alarms beep and shriek and weep

I exhale in bright white cloudy, strong sativa
Never known, above, by dreams of Mumbai
Cloaked by smokescreen self-care sabotage
This night

editors note:

This Eve of eves, make your own smokescreen. Self-care to all and to all a Good Night! – mh clay

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