I’ll Be Right Here Every Time

by on December 31, 2022 :: 0 comments

Tonight, everyone wears party hats
and the stars are champagne
spilled over the skyline.
Music plays loud at the party.
Kristin hugs me and I pour a cocktail.
I’m always wistful this season.

I’m at the age when
every play makes me cry.
Even after all the poems and therapy,
I know so little about anything.
I commit mistakes.
I give apologies,

but let me say this wish
for another turn around the sun–
no matter what comes,
high water or new worries,
may we carry each other through.
I often don’t know what to do,

and friendship has saved me.
When my favorite actress sings,
“I’ll be right here every time,”
I hear the magic in that tune.
Dear one – Happy New Year.
I’m grateful to love you.

editors note:

Yes! Let’s carry each other through. HNY!! – mh clay

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