She Did Not Come to Be Erased

by November 12, 2022 0 comments

She did not come to be erased
by an invisible thief
a man who writes of love in pencil
as roses standing behind
a blue fence posturing exuberance

She stands
on the far side of longing
where dreams simply don’t translate
and are impossible
to heal on short notice

She wants to be remembered
with music
that has already escaped

She didn’t ask to be born
and now she doesn’t want to die

Leaves drift like snow
slower than the rain that drives
and disconnects them

She stands with her soul in transit
cradled in her arms like a refugee
and the terrible temptation to destroy
so nobody and nothing
gets to do it first

A crimson rose speaks to her
Why would you want to own me?
and she is grateful
for a day without poison

editors note:

More grateful days, longer living. – mh clay

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