Sea of Treachery

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Mother Nature of two faces,
seas with glassy roofs and easy gaits,
seas with melodic whispers
and rhythmic rolling,

then seas of the swirling labyrinth,
victims of the Gods of the wind,
the Tempest showing its seven ugly heads,
sons of Neptune with contorted faces
dictating the motion of the waters,
taking over ownership of the seas
with wayward currents, establishing new laws,
the cadence of nature in a frenzy,
the easiness of motion disturbed,
harmony of the waters running amuck,
moderation of the elements undone
for the pathway of the fisherman to sail upon,
but the journey must be done.

The quota must be filled.
The crabs must be caught
come hell or high water.

The war with the devil’s breath,
the disruption of the devil’s flow
in defiance against the new command,
and the will to keep on fighting
is ingrained in the spirit of the true crabber.
His livelihood depends upon his perseverance.
The task ahead is his mountain to climb
and the Tempest is his enemy to subdue.

editors note:

You didn’t know the epic quest required to serve those crab legs at your fav seafood spot. – mh clay

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