Unwelcomed Farewell

by on October 10, 2022 :: 0 comments

When you articulate nothing at all
My heart becomes an occupied city
With the noise from the rockets, not birds
The clouds drop blood on my fictional planet.

The blue sky opens its chest to those fireworks
I look at those happy faces, lovers kissing lips,
and pretty dresses. I am sorry darling for loving you
-without the ability to cover up my lousy tears.

Do not shatter the windows of daylight’s nostalgia
Open the door of unwelcomed farewell before they bomb us
Hit me with an axe before the death scrapes me
Wear a dress to reunite with my defeated spirit.

I am still awake, and I want more colours of happiness
I want new syllables to run over my refugee’s tongue
I also desire some pulse to hear with my ears and eyes
-closed in my imagination cuddling with you all night long.

editors note:

When one leaves, unbidden, imagination is all that’s left. – mh clay

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