slightly attached

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bye-bye, my kitchen’s attention seeking
window’s view
cheerio my blue mountains, curtains to
au revoir my fireplace, warming hearts
and body parts on queue
adios passage, putting green for
my well-earned prize

keep it together, hot water pipes in
your concrete slab
take it easy, my proud mover king-
cockerel weather-vane
let bygones be bygones, colourful
stickers in my lav
forget me not, my song drowned shower
walls, reverberating drain

peace be to you, my ridiculing calls
from cocky’s cage
i leave my valley’s slopes, gumboots
not needed anymore
good riddance to those ignoring my
padlocked gate, inciting age
farewell my pretty boy, another
rabbit killed, the dog next door

You did me well my virgin soil with
outdoor pool
i’ll remember my black sheep chasing
billy carts
fish ponds, waterfowl, pussy cats on
every stool
blossoms, shrubs, flowers along each

memories, moments when we flew
like larks

editors note:

Larks on a lark, in memory flying. – mh clay

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