On The Walk Out

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I hear nothing other than motors propelling out past the island chortling under water black deep receding tide night train on Lady’s eye walk down past the spit crustaceans crackling trained feeling see the big light shine look up moon the stars hold on brine home Bobbing up in the morning now I know about night past the jagged rocks the murky line outside time come and get me I hear no stars to achieve here we’re not in warm water anymore comes a call in the background been out at sea since May for months molten river rocks oysters cut in pain small delight I see back home come walking out to me a sound behind the shells stay here bound by stars the outline kindly installed create monitoring sky map the Cape no run no spray the motor is humming it rains this morning comes in stands this rap staying with me a plant tree in the wind straight up backbone no windows start laying apply sculpt back the need to go to bed come in don’t go.

editors note:

How to manage your monotony. – mh clay

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