Holiday with Nietzsche

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A tent was appropriate. Rational, even. After all, I read the phrase ‘freedom is the greatest luxury.’

Indulge your inner wanderer, I thought. Take the dog and we can both meet him there.

After I cook what the great man wants for supper, I’ll ask him whatever happened to the Ubermensch.

So exciting.

I spent two hours putting up the tent while other campers had BBQ fun.

I turned to the dog to say that now I was finally going to understand how I can stop grasping for a sense of achievement.

Only, the bastard didn’t turn up. I rang him but he didn’t answer. Typical of Nietzsche.

It was like that moment when you finally realise that toast is merely burnt bread.

Just to spite him I joined the BBQ and got drunk instead.

editors note:

That which does not kill us makes us BBQ. – mh clay

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